Why Choose Unique?

Through our quality, availability and competitive price assurances, our products provide you with piece of mind. This enables you to focus on what matters most to your business. We are the second-largest and fastest-growing national distributor of Gas and Welding Products, as well as the largest importer of welding machines and wire, in Southern Africa.

As a customer-oriented organisation, adhering to our core values is paramount to our success. We invest in people because we understand the important role each and every person plays. From our employees, customers, investors and suppliers to the broader community, our goal is the same: to provide sustainable value. Unique Welding’s entrepreneurial heritage permeates its current corporate structures to create the ideal Elixir of energy, swiftness and focus to meet customers’ needs for flexibility with corporate reliability.

As a distributor and Integrated Welding Solutions Supplier, our key thrust is our delivery service, our customer-focused interaction, and the quality of our technical solutions.

To Unique Welding (UWA), the success of the welding industry and the companies therein depends on a particular focus on people. UWA is a fully-integrated gas and welding solutions provider.

Step 1: We work with our key suppliers, developing welding technology and machinery specifically suited to our South African environment. We also work closely with our gas suppliers to develop technologically accurate and correct gas mixtures to specifically suit our machines and market.

Step 2: We provide the absolute best value-for-money welding equipment, consumables, gas and gas related products.

Step 3: Every machine sold is backed up by our experienced technicians, who assist our clients with installation, training and post-sales service.

Step 4: Our next step is to provide a seamless Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Simply put – HMI is the process of allowing the machine and the user to understand each other by providing integral information, like gas selectors, recommended power settings and correct consumables – this information is found on all of our contact points – from our products, to our packaging, to our website.

Step 5: The final step in our integrated offering is our intense focus on Safety. At UWA, we are aware of the safety regulations set out by SABS and other relevant bodies. All of the safety standard claims of our ranges – from gas equipment, to welding machines, welding consumables and gas – are genuine, and our products are safe.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the most Customer Centric national supplier of gases and welding products in South Africa.
Who are we and what can we do for customers?

1. National footprint

National footprint – we can serve customers from many locations


2. Largest provider of industrial and retail welding and cutting machines

Largest provider of industrial and retail welding and cutting machines – we know welding machines and can support these with repair service centres nationally.

3. We understand

3. We understand the Mig & Tig welding processes

We understand the Mig & Tig welding processes – a truly integrated solutions supplier that can optimise the customer’s welding process, safely.


4. Personal service

Personal service – We respond - customers talk to people at local level, no call centres.

5. Experience and Honesty

5. Experience and honesty

Experience and honesty – we will not claim false promises on our products/packaging.

6. Walking the talk

6. Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk – your partner in these challenging economic times.

UWA Staff Image

7. What our customers get out that matters.

It’s not what we put in, its what our customers get out that matters.


Having inspired employees working for a great company.


Meeting financial goals and obligations and practicing good corporate governance.


Having inspired employees working for a great company.




Taking ownership to deliver to each other what is expected of us.



Continuous Improvement

Developing and changing to be more relevant and effective into the future.



Demonstrating loyalty and dedication in doing what we say we will do.



Working together towards a common goal and vision.

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We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible project results.