Are you our next Ambassador

There is no such thing as “a man’s world” anymore. The days of women being seen as “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” are long gone. Today, women are emerging as business leaders and industry moguls – equal, if not superior, to their male counterparts. The industrial and trade industries are no different- including the welding industry.

At Unique Welding, we have a bee in our bonnet about Women’s Empowerment. It is a part of the vision of our company and something that we firmly believe in. And so, leads to our search for the best female welders in South Africa. We want to celebrate these women and their achievements. We want to reward them, and learn from them. We want to further their training, and make them part of our Unique Welding World.

And so, we invite all the female welders in South Africa to send us your details! Tell us who you are, where you come from, and what you have accomplished in the welding industry. Show us your work, or better yet – send us videos of yourself in welding action!