Our Successes

Our Successes

Manifolded LPG mini-bulk installations – completed 6 installations in three months.

Installation of six LPG dumpy tanks, manifold and two 320kg/hour vapourisers to supply two 1300kW burners used for ladle heating in a foundry. Ladles are preheated to 900oC before casting can commence. These installations were done within 3 months

Mini-cryogenic bulk installations –  completed nearly a dozen tanks nationally including laser gas installations.

Installation of a 2 high pressure Nitrogen Maxitanks to supply a laser machinethat cuts both mild steel and stainless steel requiring an operating pressure of 35Bar. A high pressure Oxygen take was also installed, capable of operating at 35Bar, but currently working at 22Bar. This Maxitank installation is more than capable of supplying and lazer cutting application, and has no need for complicated pressure-raising circuits.

These Maxitanks are easily filled using high pressure road tankers at the customer’s convenience, and are easily and cost-effectively fitted without the need to install expensive plinths. Each tank is fitted with telemetry to ensure that the customer doesn’t run out of gas. Furthermore, these installations are easily upgraded, should the gas needs increase – and new tanks can be easily added.

These Maxitank installations offer significant logistical and safety advantages over cylinder packs.

This entire installation took a total of 4 days to complete.

Bulk cryogenic storage vessels – completed 9 tanks in 2019 with four more pending.

Installation of a 10 m3bulk oxygen tank and 16 fin vapouriser to supply gaseous oxygen to a workshop. The oxygen together with acetylene and LPG is used for cutting and pre heating of steel components. 9 tanks were completed in 2019 so far, with 4 pending installation.